Monday, March 5, 2012

Those little bottles- a bit on water...

Revelation for the day, I have drunk more water today then I have in a long time.  Did I have a big jug of water on my desk?  No, I had a tiny little bottle of water because there were some left over from a party, an 8 oz size.  So here is my thinking, I thought that there is a mental block for me when I have a big bottle because I think I will never get through it.  Yes, I agree that if you just have water around then you will drink it, but just having the little bottle made it much more doable for me and less daunting.  Also the added benefit of getting up and filling up the little cutie was helping me move and for those of you who have a desk job like me you know it is a good idea to get up and get moving.  So here’s to happy drinking in little bottles, even though it’s just water, ha!

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  1. Yea! I heard you should get up from your desk every 20 minutes and take a walk. Hmm..I wonder what everyone would think if I did that...just kind of wandered away from the front desk for 5 minutes or so. I'm sure I'd get cussed out!!! Anyway, I have a 5 lb weight under my desk so I can do arm exercises while sitting at my desk. Yes, Augusta, you may come on up and borrow it anytime!!!